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Is Tamu Good For Pre Med

“Pre-med” is actually a set of required classes that you must take prior to entry to medical school. You can apply for any major at A&M as long as you take those classes. A lot of students choose the Biomedical Science (BIMS) major because it satisfies the prereqs for medical school, but that is not the only route. Medical school looks for classes, not a specific major. The thing that will kill you as premed/prevet isn't the actual classes--you'll get a comparable workload in any difficult STEM major, and it's probably easier than being an engineer.

However, premed expects you to stay above a 3.5. There's pros and cons to any major. yes/somewhat, there are several majors that fulfill texas med school prerequisites classes by design, i.e. biology, biomedical sciences (bims), nutrition, etc. pm me if you have any more questions! i get the whole asian parent thing too, though i was kind of on the opposite side of you when i was deciding between schools level 2 needchancethrowawy


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